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R. Joe Ottinger and other iLeaders provide insights about challenges and opportunities in the innovation economy.  

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3 Books For Starting, Scaling, and Evolving A Modern Day Company

After a career as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and innovation consultant I have many scars and some insights. To minimize the scars, and maximize the insights, I read a lot. About a year ago, in search of clarity on the challenges and gaps in the innovation journey, I researched and wrote a book called Iinnovate. (This is not one of the books I am recommending because it would be highly self-serving, so I am not recommending you read it unless you really, really want to!). More importantly, I uncovered a few insights through this research. One small insight, which may be obvious to many, is that start-ups, scale-ups, and evolutionary companies represent phases on a continuum with disti

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