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Do you wish to ride the wave of the booming innovation economy?  Are you interested in starting or working for a fast-growing innovation company? Do you want to know the basics about what it takes to be a successful innovator or entrepreneur?


Whether you’re a millennial entering the workforce, a baby boomer in transition, or an experienced business owner looking for insights into growing your company, iInnovate is a foundational guide to help you understand the challenges and opportunities required for your success.


iInnovate is written as an extended conversation between a mentor and two would-be entrepreneurs, making it accessible to all readers and supplemented with Information that will prepare you for a satisfying career in the innovation economy. 


The author, Harvard Business School graduate, technology entrepreneur, thought leader, and innovation expert, Randy Ottinger, inspires and informs you about:


  • the expanding job opportunities in the innovation economy,

  • what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur founding and running an innovation company,

  • the growing importance of networks and ecosystems to the successful commercialization of innovation, and

  • transforming companies, communities, and lives through innovation.


Learn to engage with innovation companies and communities shaping the way we work and live, and engage in the opportunities that await you In the innovation economy.

A Speaker Roundtable Series

The Scaling Up Excellence series is designed to provide entrepreneurial business leaders with practical, actionable advice about scaling their companies with insights from successful operators, functional experts, and peers.  For more information about the series

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            Mark Mader                 

                 CEO, Smartsheet

Featured Speaker: Scaling Up Leadership

November 1, 2017 | The Riveter, Capitol Hill

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