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Harness The Wisdom
Of Your CEO Peers

Advantages of Membership

Benefit from the collective wisdom of up to 12 C-Level innovators and entrepreneurs in 10 monthly, confidential, 4-hour meetings.

Professional iLeaders that facilitate groups, and serve as guides to network resources

An online platform allows you to tap into the collective wisdom and connections of the network 

Participation in Iinnovate's Scaling Up Excellence Leadership Series

Be part of a network of professionals and advisors that can help you succeed.


Become a Member

To qualify for membership in Iinnovate, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Applicant is the CEO, Founder, President, or COO of the company, or General Manager of a division

Applicant companies have capital to operate and grow their businesses

Applicant companies have a focus innovation to enabled growth and improve performance


Member FAQ


Is Iinnovate for Start-ups?

In general, iinnovate is not for very early stage companies unless they've raised significant funding to operate and grow their businesses, or are cash flow positive.


What is the ideal Member profile for Iinnovate? 

Iinnovate is built to support the unique challenges that chief operators of technology-enabled businesses face as they grow employees, customers, and revenues.  Members are CEOs, Presidents, COOs, Founders, or Managing Directors of their companies.


Does Iinnovate compete with incubators, accelerators, or Angel networks?

No, Iinnovate is complementary to incubators, accelerators, and Angel networks.  Incubators and accelerators mostly focus on startup companies, while Iinnovate focuses on scaling companies that are past the start-up stage. 


What is the value I can expect to receive from Iinnovate?

Iinnovate’s goal is to help leaders of innovation and technology-enabled companies improve their business and personal performance.  Benefits include:

  • Working on the business openly, honestly, and confidentially with a group of peers leads to better decision

  • Leadership development within Forum groups of peers led by experienced iLeaders, and through Iinnovate's Scaling Up Excellence leadership series


  • A network of colleagues and professionals that serve as your external board of directors to help you connect with the people you need to succeed


How is Iinnovate different from other CEO Networks? 

Other recognized CEO networks are extremely broad including low tech companies, family businesses, and other companies that do not move as fast as innovation companies.  Iinnovate provides a professional network focused on scaling up, tech-enabling, and improving the performance of your business. In addition, many other recognized CEO networks are not guided and facilitated by seasoned professionals with the primary focus on advancing the objectives of your business.


What is an innovation and technology enabled company, and do I meet the criteria?  

It is a company in any industry that desires to grow by incorporating new innovation or technologies throughout the company. If you are hoping to build a modern day company powered by innovation, to offer new, innovative products, or to improve performance through innovation, you likely meet the criteria.



Apply to become a Member!

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