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Introducing iInnovate

For this blog post, I want to share two personal milestones. First, I have just published my second book, titled iInnovate - A guide for engaging in the innovation economy. The book took a year to write, and is based on significant research about innovation, entrepreneurship, and the innovation economy. The inspiration for this book came from advising tech entrepreneurs, millennials looking for their first jobs, baby boomers in mid-career transition, and others interested in the innovation economy.

In addition, the book is based on a study, with the support of the University of Washington, titled Seattle Technology Ecosystem Study. What I learned by conducting this study is that many people do not understand the basics of the innovation economy, or how important it is for the future of individuals, companies, communities, and nations. This is rather startling given it represents the future for our children and and the way we live and work.

Second, I’ve launched a new business network for tech entrepreneurs that have raised capital to grow their companies, and could benefit from the wisdom of their peers. iInnovate Leadership Network is the name, and it is unique amongst peer networks as it has a singular focus on companies in the large and growing innovation economy.

In the future, this blog will attempt to capture insights about challenges and opportunities in the innovation economy, as well as best practices that can benefit you on your innovation journey. So enjoy the ride and an innovative future!

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